When Apache arrived at the L5YR in April, 2007, with help from the Break Heart Ranch, he was severely underweight and was very weary of people due to his history of abuse. He had a great personality once you gained his trust and quickly won our hearts.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t catch a break and what was believed to be a twisted ankle in the late winter of 2008 was later diagnosed as a degenerative joint condition that was also inflaming several old injuries. While his days of giving rides were over it was amazing to see how his heart was only now beginning to open. Over the next several months child after child would pick him to work with and love on instead of his 11 other friends, even though they knew it meant no riding.

Apache’s loving trust had a way of reaching you and communicated without words, “just, please don’t hurt me.” Strongholds were broken and special bonds were formed during those times spent shoulder to shoulder with kids while brushing Apache. Memories that will last for ever.

July 4th of 2009, while the rest of us celebrated the freedom the Lord has blessed us with in this great country, Apache got his freedom from pain.