UPDATE: Eddy was quickly adopted by a loving couple and will spend the rest of his years loving on their grandchildren. Eddy is a true character and a great tempered miniature donkey that was rescued by the previous owner but was surrendered along with Hershey when she became unable to care for them any longer. […]

Waccipa & Sugar

UPDATE: Waccipa has been adopted by a wonderful couple and will enjoy his days trail riding with another equine friend.  In 2012 we were contacted by Sugar’s previous owners and she has now relocated to South Dakota to be reunited with the loving women who rescued her in Oregon. Waccipa & Sugar were rescued several […]

Anna Belle

UPDATE: Annabelle spent more than 2 years at L5YR helping kids and has found a home where she can retire and rest her sore legs. Several years ago she was riding in a trailer during a tragic accident that killed the driver. She was safely extracted from twisted metal cage by the jaws of life […]


UPDATE: Mouse has been adopted by a beautiful girl who has come to the ranch for several years. She has worked with him throughout the winter and is working on training him to run barrels in junior rodeo with her. Mouse – April 2007 This photo is of Mouse when we first got him in […]


UPDATE: December 2012 Hershey has been adopted by a caring 5 year old where he will teach her how to ride and we are sure be a forever companion. Hershey was donated to us in August 2008 along with his pal Eddy the miniature donkey. They were rescued from a neglect situation by their previous […]


UPDATE: In Sept. 2022, Gus our beautiful sorrel went in to a stall and went to sleep. Gus was 23. He is now running in greener pastures with his buddy Smoke. Gus came to the ranch in 2005. Beau needed a buddy and now they are the best of friends. Gus was originally trained for […]


Beau came to the Ranch in 2005. Beau is a ranch/roping horse who loves to be brushed and loved on. He is a beautiful 27 year old paint gelding with a blond mane and tail. He stands 15.1 hands. He was the first horse the L5 used in their youth programs and still loves the […]


Tramp is a 14 year old gelding who joined the ranch in February 2010 with Lady. He stands over 15 hands and is a sorrel quarter horse with white speckles. After having some problems with weight, Tramp had his teeth floated this summer and has since started gaining weight again. Because he has an injury […]


Update:  Mika has went to live with Taylor. Mika had been bought at an auction under the influence of heavy painkillers to mask her severe abuse. After she had been transported to her new home and the drugs wore off, the new owners were faced with a broken down mare who could barely move her […]


On Nov. 25th, 2021, at 26 our beloved Smoke passed away.  Smoke spent 14 years with the ranch after being generously donated by Dr. Davidson in the summer of 2008. Smoke was a such a blessing to us and at just over 16 hands he was the most patient, kind, and understanding friend a kid […]