Update:  Mika has went to live with Taylor. Mika had been bought at an auction under the influence of heavy painkillers to mask her severe abuse. After she had been transported to her new home and the drugs wore off, the new owners were faced with a broken down mare who could barely move her legs and flinched in anticipation of pain when presented with a saddle. Wanting her to recover, but needing a riding horse, the owners offered her up for sale. Long time ranch volunteer, Taylor, stumbled across the advertisement for a “pasture pet” mare and by the urging of God clicked on the ad to contact the seller. Taylor had no where to keep a horse and L5YR did not have room for a pasture pet. But God kept bringing this mare back to her mind and heart so she and her husband went to look at her and Taylor knew she needed to be at the ranch.

Mika came to live at L5 in 2015. After a lot of prayer, careful rehabilitation, help from Pro Performance Veterinary Care, and love, Mika has become a wonderful horse and special favorite of many kids. She will never be a distance riding horse, but does great for the short rides in the arena, her legs moving a little differently than other horses, but with strength and confidence. Mika and Taylor have a special bond that they share with the children that love this little red mare that refused to give up. She is a sweet girl who still has her own opinions on things, but is willing to try and love and trust. Mika means “Gift” in Hebrew and she truly is a treasure.