At the Nebraska Horse Expo in 2008, a concerned person alerted us about Suzy. They said she lived in horrible conditions, was in bad shape, and needed help. Once we went and checked on her we knew his description didn’t begin to define the tragedy we saw. Within a couple of days we were able […]


When Apache arrived at the L5YR in April, 2007, with help from the Break Heart Ranch, he was severely underweight and was very weary of people due to his history of abuse. He had a great personality once you gained his trust and quickly won our hearts. Unfortunately, he couldn’t catch a break and what […]


Blue joined the L5YR in October 2008 through the help of many generous donations. He is a very gentle giant, standing at 16.1 hands, who was also the top Nebraska barrel horse in 2000. He had been here a little over a month when he developed severe colic, a condition that is a leading cause […]