Bear is a 13 year old Pony of the Americans Gelding. POA’s were bred from Appaloosa and Shetland Pony lines and the result is a sweet natured and perfect sized pony for our young riders. Bear started life as a 4-H horse but came to live at the ranch after his owners outgrew him. He […]


Thumper joined the L5 family in July of 2013. He is a 9 year old Percheron and Quarter Horse cross who is fully trained as a reining horse. This means Thumper knows some impressive moves when teamed up with an experienced rider. Yet he also is gentle and patient enough for our newest beginners. He […]


Gus came to the ranch in 2005. Beau needed a buddy and now they are the best of friends. Gus was originally trained for team penning and truly enjoyed working cattle. He suffered a leg injury in 2006 and took a year off. Now he just wants to play and have someone groom and love┬áhim. […]


Beau came to the Ranch in 2005. Beau is a ranch/roping horse who loves to be brushed and loved on. He is a beautiful 19 year old paint gelding with a blond mane and tail. He stands 15.1 hands. He was the first horse the L5 used in their youth programs and still loves giving […]


Mika had been bought at an auction under the influence of heavy painkillers to mask her severe abuse. After she had been transported to her new home and the drugs wore off, the new owners were faced with a broken down mare who could barely move her legs and flinched in anticipation of pain when […]


Smoke is a blessing beyond belief, at just over 16 hands he is the most patient, kind, and understanding friend a kid could want. He was generously donated by Dr. Davidson summer of 2008 and has been very busy ever since. Even kids that are intimidated by his size quickly fall in love with his […]


Soon after Koda was born in 2010 his mother accidentally stepped on and broke his jaw. The owner was not able to provide the veterinary care he so desperately needed, so with his little face riddled with infection and his injury keeping his body from receiving enough nutrition he was surrendered to the Nebraska Humane […]