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New for 2018! Horse Camp! Experience L5 Youth Ranch with friends. Horse Camp will be offered once a month during June, July and August 2018. Try out our new program, Equine Assisted Learning, donated by Starting Gate and our own long time volunteer Taylor Thompson. Do some great horse themed crafts and take home your creations. Riding horses, learning about their care and keeping and play some games outside on the beautiful L5 Youth Ranch property. We are very excited to offer Horse Camp this year! Check out our Upcoming Events for dates and Contact Us to reserve your spot. Limited to 8 participants per week, ages 8 and up.

At L5YR each child is paired with one horse and one leader and given a private session that best serves their individual needs. Instead of being lost in a group, each child is nurtured by a leader who shares in their private tears and victories. Through hands-on experience, trained volunteers teach kids the value of life, family, faith, and trust. The sessions are not focused on a rigid impersonal schedule but rather on relationship based individual need. Kids have the freedom to decide how to spend their time at the ranch. After a short chore to gain personal investment into their time, they may want to ride, sometimes just brush a horse and share with someone who won’t judge them. Other times a child might just need to do some “ranch work” to release some energy or learn lessons with a horse in the round pen that can be incorporated into their personal life. Our focus is on what the child’s need is at that particular time in their life. Horses are “live in the moment” type animals, and we parallel that in our sessions.

There is no cost for our program., we are free to any child in need. Any child can come out while the ranch is operating, however individual sessions, tours and visits are by appointment only. L5YR only has outdoor facilities, and operates June – September yearly. Space is limited each summer in accordance with available resources. Check our our FAQ and please download and complete the release form and attach the Nebraska Equine Activity Statute to bring with you on your first visit.

L5 Youth Ranch Release Form

Nebraska Equine Activity Statute