How can I get my child in for sessions?

Contact the ranch to schedule a┬átour during our open season which is typically June – September.


How can I send my child to the ranch?

Part of L5YR’s focus is to bring families together. Because of this principle we ask that parent/main caregiver to accompany their child. A parent’s presence is quite often central to a child’s healing process. The impact of a parent/main caregiver cheering their child to victory has become very apparent to us. Allowing fathers and mothers and main caregivers a chance to rest in the shade and enjoy the beauty God has provided is also a part of what we do. If a parent is not available we ask for a legal guardian to be present if possible.


Who does the L5YR serve?

L5 Youth Ranch serves all children between the ages of 5 and 18 but focuses on ages 8 to 16. Being a kid in this day and age is tough enough. Roughly 80% of our kids are considered disadvantaged. To L5YR, the word “disadvantaged” takes on many shapes and forms: mental, physical, emotional, and functional. The remaining 20% of kids we work with are simply kids who don’t have access to horses through any other means. It has been our experience that “healthy” kids play and grow beside “broken” kids. Not only does it encourage both to have a greater appreciation and understanding of others, but it also brings hope to the spirit of wounded kids to believe they too can have hope for the future.


What do you charge for a child to attend the program at L5YR?

There is never any charge for a child to come to the ranch! Through the help of generous donors, we are currently able to make the program free of charge to any child wanting to come out! The only requirement for children is that they have an open heart and want to attend.
What should we wear when we visit?

Jeans or long pants, an appropriate shirt for sun protection, and closed toe shoes are required to ride. Cowboy boots in a wide range of sizes are available to borrow at the ranch. Horseback riding approved helmets are also required, and are available at the ranch. To just visit or hang out? Whatever you are comfortable in. Please bring a full water bottle as it gets quite warm during Nebraska summers!

Can we visit the ranch?

We would love to have you visit the ranch and are available by appointment only. Please feel free to call us at 402.525.9964 to schedule a time to come out

Does the ranch ever close?

The ranch is closed from October to May


Is L5YR a residential facility?

No, currently the L5YR does not have the facilities to offer any over night stays.


Is L5 Youth Ranch a religious organization?

No. The ranch is not associated with any particular religious segregation. L5YR is a faith based organization. The ranch was founded on the same Judeo-Christian values that our nation was built upon. Faith on the ranch is “lived”.” The Founders, Board of Directors, and staff/volunteers all believe in God and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ. It is our greatest desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action by our love for Him and the support of families. It is our highest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds.


Can I donate my used tack or horse supplies?

Yes please! We are in need of manure forks , 2-3 saddles with full quarter horse bars, cowboy boots, and safety helmets. However any donated tack will certainly be evaluated for our needs at the time. What we cannot use we will sell to raise funds for the ranch or donate to another worthy cause.

Can I donate my horse to the ranch?

The horses that live on the ranch and participate in our program must demonstrate a desire and willingness to engage well with children and enjoy the time and attention required of them. Therefore they must be physically mentally and emotionally capable to do so. For these reasons, we are seldom able to accept horses with limitations due to soundness, age, or behaviors.

Even our rescued horses, once rehabilitated, must find purpose in an environment that meets their personality. If you are looking for a new home for your horse you may mail us a short paragraph (include a picture if you wish) describing your horse and giving information (height, weight, age, coloring, health, temperament, training, experience, reason for selling etc.) and we will evaluate our needs and the suitability of the horse for our program. For contact information, Click Here.