Blue joined the L5YR in October 2008 through the help of many generous donations. He is a very gentle giant, standing at 16.1 hands, who was also the top Nebraska barrel horse in 2000. He had been here a little over a month when he developed severe colic, a condition that is a leading cause of equine death. Due to his extreme case, we were advised that if we were somehow able to get him up and in a trailer, and if he survived the trip down to Kansas State University School of Veterinary Science for a several thousand dollar surgery, then he would have a 20% chance of surviving. Our other option was to let him go and stop his awful suffering. We knew the story that brought him here did not play out so that he could die, so against the advise of our wonderful veterinarian, we stayed by his side and let him keep fighting. Matt had called all of Blue’s fans and asked them to pray and petition God to save our friend. It is a true testimony for everyone that joined together in prayer that by the end of the day, Blue was not only still with us, but also in great health.

During his last year with us, there was a beautiful young lady that came to the ranch every Saturday morning. Because of Blue’s health issues he was not pastured with the rest of our horses but ran in a pasture located behind the main house with Hershey as his constant companion. This particular young lady took a special liking to Blue and from the very first time she picked him to brush and work with there was something very special between them. To watch the way those two communicated was beyond anything Daisy has ever seen.

Blue had 2 1/2 great years at the ranch yet sadly ,on March 2nd, 2011 he passed away during the night.