UPDATE: Mouse has been adopted by a beautiful girl who has come to the ranch for several years. She has worked with him throughout the winter and is working on training him to run barrels in junior rodeo with her.

Mouse – April 2007
This photo is of Mouse when we first got him in April, 2007. Mouse is definitely our gentle giant. Standing 15+ hands – he is a 4 year old quaterhorse gelding. He has a beautiful zebra dun with a two/tone mane and tail. Mouse came to us from the same rescue as Apache. He was also underweight and had some severe nerve damage to his lower lip. He loves attention and has a very laid back personality.


Mouse – Update – 5/21/08
Mouse had gained weight and is looking good. His lip is completely healed and there doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage. He has become very affectionate and always wants to be the center of attention.