Tramp is a 14 year old gelding who joined the ranch in February 2010 with Lady. He stands over 15 hands and is a sorrel quarter horse with white speckles. After having some problems with weight, Tramp had his teeth floated this summer and has since started gaining weight again. Because he has an injury […]


Update:  Mika has went to live with Taylor. Mika had been bought at an auction under the influence of heavy painkillers to mask her severe abuse. After she had been transported to her new home and the drugs wore off, the new owners were faced with a broken down mare who could barely move her […]


Roper joined the ranch in the spring of 2011 as a 3-5 year old. He stands over 15 hands and is a striking paint overo with one blue eye. Roper was generously given to us by one of our brave military men who received relocation orders and could not take him along. Roper is a […]